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Contractor Payroll Services

Outsourcing the payroll of your contract labour is a smart move. Particularly if you’re not a multi-national, mega-corporate. The cost savings, risk reduction, speed & reliability of letting us manage your payroll, will enable you to better optimise your contract workforce and get on with achieving more for your business.

Why Outsource Your Contractor Payroll To CXC Global?

Cost Savings

Your payroll tax savings alone, will most often outweigh our fees. Plus, think of the hidden cost savings of a reduced risk profile, and the decreased admin requirement of engaging, onboarding, & paying contractors.

Optimise Your Contract Workforce

Once your contractors are placed, we make it so easy for them to get to work. So they’re engaged & onboarded efficiently, and, enjoy minimal admin throughout their contract via our in-house technology. Their focus stays on their work, for you!

We’re The Experts

We’ve got the specialist knowledge & expertise to deliver payroll services that optimise your contract workforce. From keeping you abreast of legislative change, to providing you with today’s best technology, our payroll services are the best in the industry.

Mitigate Risk

We take on the employment risk of your contract workers. So risks such as co-employment, insurances & even visas, rests with us. And, we advise your contractors on the best tax structures for their circumstances.

Marina Gromof, Resourcing Co-ordinator

Marina Gromof, Resourcing Consultant

Optimising Contractor Output

Bin The Admin

Bin The Admin

Our portal provides a user-friendly environment for on-boarding, timesheeting, expense management & payroll of contractors. Our client services team provide the personal touch during initial engagement & throughout the contract

An Employer Contractors Want To Work For

An Employer Contractors Want To Work For

With the raft of contractor benefits we offer, you’ll have happier contractors working for you. We’ve proven time & again that we can deliver higher contractor retention, referral & re-engagement through our contractor care & benefits programs.

Outsource Your Risk

Outsource Your Risk

The relationship is between us & your contractors. So we manage the various risks of non-perm labour, like co-employment, insurance, visa expiry & taxation.

Fixed Contractor Pay Cycle

Fixed Contractor Pay Cycle

We pay your contractors on a set day, fortnightly, then subsequently invoice you. You pay us on our agreed terms. This advanced funding help with your business cash flow.

Payroll Outsourcing: Helping Your Achieve More From Your Business