LinkedIn for Contractors: Getting Better Bang for Buck

As a contract worker, the benefits & opportunities of using LinkedIn as a career building and networking tool are massive. I mean…..think about all those full-timers out there, sitting tight in their corporate jobs, while you’re living a more innovative, exciting and stimulating professional existence. Right? Right. So to help you keep living the dream, we’ve got a few tips to get more from your LinkedIn profile and time spent on LinkedIn. Read on…. 1. Keep it Tidy is your profile up to date? Give employers an up-to-date picture of your skills & history are your contact details complete? Include your mobile number – make it easy for employers to get in touch * have you claimed your vanity URL? If you haven’t find out how to, here: Claim Vanity URL 2. Validation is Everything Probably more so for contract workers. So operate by the mantra that to give is to receive: provide unsolicited references for people you’ve genuinely enjoyed working for. Don’t go on & on though. Short, sharp, to the point, accurate. They’ll love it endorse colleagues & employers of past gigs, specifically related to their areas of expertise (no gratuitous endorsing please….it’s too transparent) don’t be afraid … Continue reading LinkedIn for Contractors: Getting Better Bang for Buck